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   Good education provides people with choices about their behavior and empowers them to keep themselves and others safe


About Us

Our mission is to present AIDS education programs, tools, and information that is easily accessible, effective, and current. We will count on your feedback, as well as your examples of what has worked for you. We will also be working and consulting with established AIDS educators. We'll also do our best to present material that speaks to audiences from middle America to West Africa, and in the spirit that it will take the whole global village to slow - and ultimately turn around - the AIDS pandemic while bringing compassion to those whose lives have been affected by it.

AIDS EDUCATOR is designed to offer honest and clear information by providing essential materials and training for those who teach, or want to teach how to prevent HIV infection and to optimize the quality of llife with HIV and AIDS. These educators range from professional AIDS educators, school teachers, students, community organizations, and clubs, to anyone interested in sharing what they learn about HIV/AIDS with others that they come in contact with.

Important News: 
As we continue to organize, seek funding and volunteers, and develop our advisory board, our website is currently under development.
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